I prefer “real” books

As a Children’s/YA Library Assistant, I read a lot of books within the youth market.  Sometimes I read certain books because they were recommended to me, or so that I will have recommendations to share with others; but for the most part I read because Children’s and Young Adult Fiction is the body of literature that resonates with me the most. 

So when adults ask me for a book recommendation, my fingers immediately flit to the Young Adult shelf.  “Oh,” they say, frowning.  They shift their eyes, run their fingers along the edges of the book, and then hand it back to me with a shrug.  “I prefer something a little more…real.” 

I blink my eyes.  Stammer. Do a double-take.  I’m not necessarily presenting them with a book about prancing unicorns or mind-chomping zombies (though sometimes I am).  The book I am currently holding is about ‘real’ life.  So what do they mean? 

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